Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Ondipudur.

With the Blessings of St.Joseph

The Principal

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". - Nelson Mandela

From The Principal Desk - Ref.Fr.Maria Joseph My dear Students, When a celebrated personality such as Nelson Mandela vouches for it, can anyone on the face of the earth disagree with it? As a matter of fact, education does play a vital role in every individual's life . Therefore your future life greatly depends on the kind of education you receive. You should be grateful to God and to your parents for entrusting you to this prestigious school . Now it is your turn to prove your worth.

At this juncture, it is appropriate to reflect on the type of education that your are pursuing. What is true education? Is it just about getting high marks , good grades and recognized degrees? Or is it more than these? Great educationists are of the opinion that true education is gaining of greater knowledge and seasoned wisdom . In simple words, Knowledge is piling up of facts and wisdom is simplifying it. Knowledge is information. It is potential power and wisdom is real power . So you should try to acquire this kind of knowledge and not just scoring high marks.

Metaphorically learning can be compared to eating . It is not how much you eat that matters. What matters most is how much you digest . The learning that you undergo should help you.

  • To move towards a new world of knowledge.
  • To develop your strengths and minimize your weakness.
  • To be self - disciplined.
  • To face failure boldly.
  • To be creative and innovative.
  • To build up your character.

Here is a story which vividly brings out the essence of true education . I appeal to you to keep in mind what the Pencil Maker told the Pencil :" There are five things you need to know before I send you into the world. Always remember them and you will become the best pencil you can be".

  • "First you will be able to do many great things , but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand".
  • "Second, you will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but this is required if you want to become a better pencil".
  • "Third , you have the ability to correct any mistakes you want".
  • "Fourth , the most important part of you will always be what's inside".
  • "Fifth , no matter what the condition , you must continue to write . You must always leave a clear, legible mark no matter how difficult the situation is"

The pencil understood, promising to remember and went into the box fully understanding its Maker's purpose.

Similarly, My dear students,

  1. You will be great, only if you allow yourselves to be held in the hands of your teachers, parents and the elders.
  2. Life is not a bed of roses, you have to undergo some painful experience like studying, memorizing, writing exams etc. All these painful experiences will help you to become better students.
  3. Character formation is an integral part of education. " To Err is Human" goes a saying, so you can correct all you mistakes at this young age.
  4. Our own conscience, the inner soul , is more important than the external appearance like colour and shape of the body. Nurture your childlike nature.
  5. You should be able to leave an indelible mark in whatever you do. This is very important for you. I would like to remind you what I often tell you , " Don't be a student who studies History , instead be a student who creates History".

May God bless you with great wisdom , knowledge and understanding , as He blessed Infant Jesus.

Luke 2:52 says , "Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and divine and human favour."