Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Ondipudur.

With the Blessings of St.Joseph


''All ideas in Science were born in the dramatic conflict between reality and our attempts to understand it''

Students also have a choice of a large library of models and replicas to help them understand science phenomena better. The lab is well maintained by competent staff and is always kept open in the school hours and evenings for students to use.

The school is well – equipped with various learning laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. These are specially designed labs to help the children to observe and practice what they learn from the books. The experiments are executed with the help of the teachers from classes V to XII. The learning process shows the seed of creativity thinking in the children. The labs are spacious to accommodate 30 – 40 children at a time.

Physics Lab

Here, is where they the bulb ignites, how a circuit fails, when the windmill moves and how the power generates. The science laboratory has been equipped with the apparatus, which will enable our students to carry out the experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the students use the lab during some of their science lessons and they all enjoy being there.

Chemistry Lab

They now know how stains can be removed, why the effervescence is more for a chemical, why a white chemical looks blue, all queries well answered, every lesson well learnt and things more easy done.

Bio – Lab

Bio Lab: How a cell looks, the mystery of the human body, the blooming of a flower, the reason why a virus fails, the working of the eco-system, the importance of a healthy environment-certainly a place, which makes them better humans.

Computer Lab

A place they love to visit because this is the way of the world. Each one of them exhibits their amazing skills. With the click of a button, students show us things we never imagined when we were like them. Technological education contributes to learning in other areas of the curriculum by providing practical contexts and applications for the knowledge and skills acquired. St.Joseph’s has a fully equipped computer laboratory is provided for the students, where they can develop the necessary skills. The computer lab can accommodate 40 students at any point of time. Children learn more by hands on direct approach than instructional theory. Well-qualified staff members are always at hand to help students in their doubts.