Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Ondipudur.

With the Blessings of St.Joseph

High School

The school fosters moral and spiritual values in the children. The high school classes VI to X is also divided into various sections to render special care and attention to individual students. The academic excellence of the students is strengthened through daily tests and terminal exam. Special unit test, monthly test and revision test are conducted for 10th students. The school aims to bring out the best out of the students, so that they bring honor to their school and parents. The students are exposed to various inter school competitions, quiz programs and sports to bring out their hidden talents. The students are taught to respect and obey the parents, teachers and elders. The moral science and catechism classes for Non-Christians and Christians inculcate moral values in the children. The activities and projects given to the student to develop their creative skills. The newspaper reading session are introduced to keep the students updated with the current affairs. The Dance class, Karate class, yoga class, handwriting class and band troop classes encourages the children to equip themselves with special talents.